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CBD and Hand Sanitizer in One: Allison Scollar Offers a Suggestion

Flattening the Curve of the COVID-19 Pandemic Involves Being Able to Access Sanitizer, Allison Scollar Suggests

Health officials have said that to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, it is critical for people to focus on washing hands. Additionally, when going into stores and handling items that have been touched by others, sanitizer should be used. It can kill the germs as opposed to spreading them. Allison Scollar, a product innovator in the CBD market, explains how sanitizer can be effective in flattening the curve.

Over the past few months, Allison Scollar has been volunteering during the pandemic in order to make a difference within her community in New York City. Additionally, in order to keep up with the demand for sanitizer, Allison Scollar has also had the CBD labs convert production from CBD lotion to hand sanitizer. This has allowed for an increase in production to get sanitizer into the hands of more people. She has also been actively volunteering with God’s Love, a delivery service for those who are sick throughout NYC.

Allison Scollar has worked with a team to create a hand sanitizer that contains CBD. This offers the benefit of CBD oil as well as the ability to sanitize and kill germs.

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The introduction of the CBD into the sanitizer, Allison Scollar explains, can be particularly beneficial during the pandemic. This is because the CBD is capable of reducing anxiety and depression. With many people experiencing financial uncertainties and having to face social distancing, there is a significant amount of anxiousness. By using CBD, it can help to offer a natural alternative for relief as opposed to turning to prescription medications.

Although the CDC recommends that sanitizer be used only when hand washing is not available, Allison Scollar points out that is more frequent than many people realize. When going in and out of a grocery store, it’s easier to use sanitizer than to find a hand-washing station. When using a gas station, having access to sanitizer can help to kill germs that may have been on the pump as well as the pin pad.

Allison Scollar points out that many stores are unable to keep up with the demand of sanitizer. In addition to people hoarding bottles at a time, many companies are shipping directly to healthcare facilities, leaving consumers out of the loop. As such, they can turn to alternative methods, such as the CBD hand sanitizer that she has worked to develop.

By opting for a hand sanitizer that contains alcohol for killing germs and CBD for quelling one’s anxiety, Allison Scollar says that it can be one of the best products for a person to have. It can be an effective way to manage through the pandemic and beyond. It allows people to know they are doing their part to flatten the curve.

Allison Scollar Discusses the Healing Process Following Being Subjected to Police and Systemic Brutality

Allison Scollar discusses the healing process following being subjected to police and systemic brutality. 

Police brutality is illegal, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Allison Scollar is a survivor of police and systemic brutality, and she recently described what it takes to begin the healing process after being subject to such brutality. While Allison Scollar believes many of the aspects of healing exist within the person who was abused, she also believes changes made within the system can aid in the healing process.

Allison Scollar experienced police brutality at the hands of New York City Police Officer Regina DeBellis. DeBellis used her authority as a police officer for the city of New York to repeatedly and forcefully enter the home of Allison Scollar, harassing Scollar and her young daughter. On multiple occasions, Regina DeBellis forced her way into the home of Allison Scollar without a warrant and with her hand on her gun. This abuse of power as well as multiple other violations resulted in Allison Scollar fearing for the life of her daughter as well as herself.

Scollar took the brutality case to court and eventually won, with the City of New York acknowledging the wrongdoing of DeBellis and the system itself. However, Allison Scollar claimed that winning a case didn’t make the pain disappear, and the healing process following police and systemic brutality has been a long, difficult one for her. At times, the weight, sadness, and distrust for the system can seem too much to bear, but Allison Scollar has been using her negative experience to help others. 

“It’s how we react after the wrongs are done,” Allison Scollar said. “I have done volunteer work to give back to those in similar situations. Helping others has helped me heal from the brutal treatment I received by the police.”

Allison Scollar explained that she is using her difficult experience to help others battle theirs. She stated that many people don’t have the resources she had available to fight the system and eventually prevail after years of court dates, lawyer fees, and law enforcement officials extending the process while turning a blind eye to the harm being inflicted on her. Allison Scollar seeks to provide information and aid to those who don’t have the means to fight their legal battles against police and systemic brutality. 

Scollar has reached out to the mayor of New York in efforts to help the city properly deal with police accountability. She is also working to make changes within the court system, urging the courts to hold people in authority accountable when they destroy the lives of innocent people. 

The family court system specifically needs to be taken under review to prevent the unlawful use of authorities as a weapon against one parent. Allison Scollar explained that it is illegal to file false complaints against a parent, but when false complaints are filed, those who filed them see no negative consequences for their actions. Currently, the courts simply accept the filing of false claims as normal course of business. This is something that needs to change to protect parents, their kids, and society as a whole. The normalization of filing false claims is not okay. 

“The next step is to change the court system,” Allison Scollar said. “The system needs to take into account the full impact of abuse by people in authority positions. It may seem like a tall order, but I’m determined to fight for victims of police and systemic brutality, so they can experience some of the closure and healing I have been fortunate enough to experience.”

Allison Scollar Discusses the Scollar v. City of New York Case

Plaintiff Allison Scollar discusses her Scollar v. City of New York Case and police accountability.

Allison Scollar recently spoke about her case versus the City of New York for the first time. The case dates back roughly seven years and involves a child custody battle between Allison Scollar, the adoptive mother of the child, and Brook Altman, the birth mother. However, the case leads beyond Scollar and Altman to the rogue New York City Police Officer Regina DeBellis, who used her authority as a police officer to repeatedly harass Scollar and her child.

Allison Scollar 14The plaintiff Allison Scollar stated that the police officer took numerous actions to help Brook Altman with her case, including forcefully entering the home of Scollar with her hand on her gun and without a warrant. Allison Scollar had no choice but to let this officer inside every time the officer harassed her. According to Allison Scollar, her first interaction with DeBellis was when DeBellis contacted her via cell phone in 2013. During this phone call, the officer stated that the plaintiff was a neglectful parent and that the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) had been called. Allison Scollar explained that the ACS determined the child was not at risk the very same day.

Allison Scollar explained that despite the determination of the ACS, DeBellis and two additional officers knocked on her door and stated they did not need a warrant to enter. Allison Scollar was forced to let them enter, and she was interrogated for nearly two hours. Scollar explained that the officer continued making false claims to the ACS and a family court judge following the incident. The officer, Regina DeBellis, is in a romantic relationship with the child’s birth mother, Brook Altman.

In Allison Scollar’s lawsuit, she claimed six violations DeBellis and the City of New York made. The plaintiff explained that Debellis would enter her apartment, with her gun, whenever she felt like entering. Allison Scollar was forced to live in fear, not knowing when an officer would arrive and unlawfully enter her home. On July 2, 2013, the judge issued an order that DeBellis could not enter Scollar’s house without the proper legal channels (a warrant). Debellis entered again, without a warrant, in July. This officer took it upon herself to ignore mandates, and her superiors simply looked the other way.

Scollar explained that the only thing she could do to stop the intrusions was to file a lawsuit against the City of New York. Allison Scollar explained that her numerous complaints to the precinct and other attempts to solve the issue without lawsuit were ignored. That’s why she added that her case was also about police accountability. At her deposition, the police officer in Scollar’s case claimed that she was actually promoted after the complaints were filed. Additionally, Ms. Debellis called the judge in her custody case to rant about the decision awarding Scollar custody. Not only was Debellis an irresponsible police officer, the police department as a whole did nothing to stop her horrific actions. It took more than seven years to fight this battle in the court system, because the police department continuously dragged its feet and showed no concern for Scollar’s case.

Finally, so many years later, the case has been settled with the City of New York acknowledging their wrong doing. Scollar stated that she can finally speak out about these events, after years of battling with the court system over this rogue officer. It was stated that the city failed to restrain DeBellis, even after the plaintiff, the child’s lawyer, the ACS, and the child’s therapist lodged numerous complaints. Allison Scollar hopes her case will serve as a precedent for others and that police officers will think twice before using their power to cause emotional distress on innocent families.

Allison Scollar explained that she’s not speaking out solely about her case. She’s speaking out against all officers who act wrongfully against anyone, including African Americans, homosexuals, the disenfranchised, and immigrants. Officers use their authority to commit wrongdoings every day, and their superiors simply look the other way. She explained that if she was not a white woman with the means to fight this battle for years, she would never have the closure she has today. The thousands of Americans who cannot fight these battles are oppressed by law enforcement officers and have no opportunity to defend themselves or find closure. Nobody holds police officers accountable in the United States, and because of that, police officers repeatedly abuse their power.

“The commissioner ignored the pleas of the ACS, the therapist, and lawyer for the child, and even the court’s order stating that this behavior needs to stop,” Allison Scollar said. “The police need to establish a program to protect against this behavior. Maybe holding them accountable immediately, not after dragging their heals in court. Its because of them that this case was delayed so long.”

Today, Allison Scollar has regained her power and is currently writing a book about her experiences.

Allison Scollar and God’s Love We Deliver: The Importance of Giving Back and Helping the Less Fortunate

Times are difficult, especially the elderly and ill. Allison Scollar discusses her work with God’s Love We Deliver and her passion for helping others.


It is not always easy to be selfless; it requires a varying degree of time, energy, and the financial ability to be able to donate your time and service. There are a lot of ways that you can give back to those less fortunate; donating your time to feed the homeless is one, and for Allison Scollar, she gives a good portion of her time to help people struggling with illness and their families feel just a little bit better during their sickness by bringing food for them. Allison Scollar explains just what drives her to be so passionate about this, and why she works with God’s Love We Deliver to help out.

Allison Scollar’s Drive to Help Others

Everyone has a reason as to why they do for others. Some reasons are more simple or complex than others, but the reason still exists. Some people may have been someone who needed help themselves, and in turn, wants to pay the help they got forward, or give to someone what they never had. On the other hand, some people are in a good spot and feel they could do more to help other people get to where they are. Allison Scollar’s reason for helping the sick is pretty much as simple as being able to do so. As someone who is healthy and knows people not as fortunate in that area, Allison Scollar felt the push to help them. She volunteered for God’s Love We Deliver, providing scrumptious meals to those who are suffering from an illness that prevents them from being able to reasonably shop and cook for themselves, and things were never the same after that. The more Allison helped, the more it filled her heart.


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God’s Love We Deliver provides the ever-so-important stress relief that, frankly, we all need a little bit of, especially right now. We try our hardest to make sure that the stress a person’s illness is placing on not only them but also their family and friends is reduced. Another thing that attracted Allison Scollar to it the most is that it is entirely free to the recipient; after all, many sick people are not able to earn a living, and what is the point of providing food they cannot afford? They do not slack on their food, either; they have dieticians on staff and make sure to the best of their ability that the meals are healthy for the recipients to consume (taking into account allergens and food intolerances).

Allison Scollar also believes a great deal in the old adage that a family with full bellies is a happy one. Family, as well as motherhood, are huge driving forces for her; for Allison, working for God’s Love We Deliver is basically giving her the opportunity to nurture many more people on top of her family. It is indeed a rare talent to be able to put yourself into the interests of others and care for them, and that nurturing skill is prominent in how Allison conducts herself. The best way to a person’s heart is through their belly, and Allison aims to prove that every day.

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Allison Scollar: The ABC’s Of Your CBD Business

Allison Scollar explains that cannabidiol or CBD has been on-trend, as of late. Though it has been around for decades, it is currently enjoying a recent surge in its popularity. Individuals use CBD for everything from anxiety and depression to bad facial acne. It is thought to be the end-all cure-all.

Allison Scollar Allison Scollar is a multi-faceted consultant in this area. Through her consultant work, she has partnered with entrepreneurs who want to cash in on the lucrative benefits of CBD, while providing a viable medicinal option for consumers.

Allison Scollar is a native New Yorker who takes advantage of the brilliant sights and sounds of the city. In conjunction with her consultant work, she puts her time where her passion is. She is on the board of the Concert Artist Guild. Here, she has the opportunity to bring artistic endeavors to light. Allison Scollar is an innovator on the move. Allison brings this resilience and zest to her consultant work. Alternative medicines? – why not! Allison Scollar shows her clientele how to take the proverbial bull by the horns and how to run with it – all with New York vigor.

Allison Scollar understands that the most important ABC of the CBD business is to be open to new avenues and forums for the product. To that point, she has been working with companies on various groundbreaking CBD products.

Allison Scollar Wants Us To Get Ready For A New Strip Of Energy!

She is currently working with a company that is bringing forward a CBD film energy strip. The CBD film energy strip is a patented product and it’s just what the market has been waiting for. A striped down boost of CBD energy without the unnecessary ingredients. The strips also include electrolytes so it won’t be necessary to drink a whole bottle of electrolyte-enhanced beverage. The strips provide a fast and easy way of returning electrolytes to a deprived system.

Allison Scollar Proclaims: No More Out-Of-Stock Vending!

After your intense gym workout or your uber-relaxing yoga class, you can get your CBD products at a vending machine. One of Allison Scollar’s clients is hard at work on this innovation. CBD products will be available in vending machines throughout many yoga studios and gymnasiums all over the country. If the particular item you desire is out of stock, these “smart” vending machines will make certain that the product is delivered to you the very next day. All of this without having to stand in line or go online to make a purchase. Your purchase is made on location at the vending machine. As an added bonus, the vending machines offer a no contact distribution of multiple products. The CBD products that are distributed are safe and offer a substitute to anti-anxiety medications or sleep aids.

Clients find her consulting energy second to none. Allison Scollar’s background in law and real estate led to her brokerage of some of the most incredible real estate deals in Manhattan, New York. Allison Scollar knows how to integrate her interests with an incomparable business savvy. She is a motivator for excellence and is truly an innovator to be reckoned with.

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Allison Scollar Helps Innovative Businesses Cash In On Lucrative CBD Market

 Cannabidiol, or CBD, is beyond the next it product. It is one of the biggest economic drivers in recent years and is revolutionizing agriculture, the health and beauty aisle and product delivery services. It takes innovative thinkers like former lawyer Allison Scollar to help new enterprises in this burgeoning field move forward in a competitive landscape.Allison Scollar

A 2019 study of the CBD market by Cowen & Co. estimates revenue from the CBD oil market will reach $16 billion by 2020. Of 2,500 people polled by the study, 7% were already using CBD products, and that percentage is expected to skyrocket as product availability increases.

Allison Scollar’s legal background left her uniquely poised to act as a consultant in this emerging industry. CBD products face unique regulatory issues and scattered legal frameworks across the United States.

Today, Allison Scollar works as a consultant with various companies, including multiple emerging businesses in the CBD field. These include a firm focused on new CBD delivery methods, such as a thin film CBD product. Allison Scollar said the firm is also working on a CBD oil based energy strip.

A second client is set to streamline delivery of CBD products. Allison Scollar said this partnership is focusing on vending machine development specifically for CBD-based goods.

“They are smart machines,” Allison Scollar said. “For example, if the machine does not have the right product in the machine, it can be shipped next day wherever desired.”

Allison Scollar says the machines are a great concept for gyms, national yoga studios and other facilities with a high concentration of CBD oil enthusiasts. Many athletes use CBD oils or softgels to relieve aches and pains and promote restorative sleep. By meeting the consumer where they are, the vending machines can help boost customer access in a more accepting zone.

Allison Scollar is also hoping to expand product offerings in the CBD pet market. As an animal lover, she sees the growth potential in the field for horse, dog, cat and bovine treatment.

For Allison Scollar, focusing on CBD product innovation is only the latest step forward in a life spent on the forefront of groundbreaking issues.

In her spare time, Allison Scollar supports artists with real estate related services and acts as a board member for the Concert Artist Guild.