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CBD and Hand Sanitizer in One: Allison Scollar Offers a Suggestion

Flattening the Curve of the COVID-19 Pandemic Involves Being Able to Access Sanitizer, Allison Scollar Suggests

Health officials have said that to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, it is critical for people to focus on washing hands. Additionally, when going into stores and handling items that have been touched by others, sanitizer should be used. It can kill the germs as opposed to spreading them. Allison Scollar, a product innovator in the CBD market, explains how sanitizer can be effective in flattening the curve.

Over the past few months, Allison Scollar has been volunteering during the pandemic in order to make a difference within her community in New York City. Additionally, in order to keep up with the demand for sanitizer, Allison Scollar has also had the CBD labs convert production from CBD lotion to hand sanitizer. This has allowed for an increase in production to get sanitizer into the hands of more people. She has also been actively volunteering with God’s Love, a delivery service for those who are sick throughout NYC.

Allison Scollar has worked with a team to create a hand sanitizer that contains CBD. This offers the benefit of CBD oil as well as the ability to sanitize and kill germs.

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The introduction of the CBD into the sanitizer, Allison Scollar explains, can be particularly beneficial during the pandemic. This is because the CBD is capable of reducing anxiety and depression. With many people experiencing financial uncertainties and having to face social distancing, there is a significant amount of anxiousness. By using CBD, it can help to offer a natural alternative for relief as opposed to turning to prescription medications.

Although the CDC recommends that sanitizer be used only when hand washing is not available, Allison Scollar points out that is more frequent than many people realize. When going in and out of a grocery store, it’s easier to use sanitizer than to find a hand-washing station. When using a gas station, having access to sanitizer can help to kill germs that may have been on the pump as well as the pin pad.

Allison Scollar points out that many stores are unable to keep up with the demand of sanitizer. In addition to people hoarding bottles at a time, many companies are shipping directly to healthcare facilities, leaving consumers out of the loop. As such, they can turn to alternative methods, such as the CBD hand sanitizer that she has worked to develop.

By opting for a hand sanitizer that contains alcohol for killing germs and CBD for quelling one’s anxiety, Allison Scollar says that it can be one of the best products for a person to have. It can be an effective way to manage through the pandemic and beyond. It allows people to know they are doing their part to flatten the curve.

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