Allison Scollar

Allison Scollar Discusses the Healing Process Following Being Subjected to Police and Systemic Brutality

Allison Scollar discusses the healing process following being subjected to police and systemic brutality. 

Police brutality is illegal, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Allison Scollar is a survivor of police and systemic brutality, and she recently described what it takes to begin the healing process after being subject to such brutality. While Allison Scollar believes many of the aspects of healing exist within the person who was abused, she also believes changes made within the system can aid in the healing process.

Allison Scollar experienced police brutality at the hands of New York City Police Officer Regina DeBellis. DeBellis used her authority as a police officer for the city of New York to repeatedly and forcefully enter the home of Allison Scollar, harassing Scollar and her young daughter. On multiple occasions, Regina DeBellis forced her way into the home of Allison Scollar without a warrant and with her hand on her gun. This abuse of power as well as multiple other violations resulted in Allison Scollar fearing for the life of her daughter as well as herself.

Scollar took the brutality case to court and eventually won, with the City of New York acknowledging the wrongdoing of DeBellis and the system itself. However, Allison Scollar claimed that winning a case didn’t make the pain disappear, and the healing process following police and systemic brutality has been a long, difficult one for her. At times, the weight, sadness, and distrust for the system can seem too much to bear, but Allison Scollar has been using her negative experience to help others. 

“It’s how we react after the wrongs are done,” Allison Scollar said. “I have done volunteer work to give back to those in similar situations. Helping others has helped me heal from the brutal treatment I received by the police.”

Allison Scollar explained that she is using her difficult experience to help others battle theirs. She stated that many people don’t have the resources she had available to fight the system and eventually prevail after years of court dates, lawyer fees, and law enforcement officials extending the process while turning a blind eye to the harm being inflicted on her. Allison Scollar seeks to provide information and aid to those who don’t have the means to fight their legal battles against police and systemic brutality. 

Scollar has reached out to the mayor of New York in efforts to help the city properly deal with police accountability. She is also working to make changes within the court system, urging the courts to hold people in authority accountable when they destroy the lives of innocent people. 

The family court system specifically needs to be taken under review to prevent the unlawful use of authorities as a weapon against one parent. Allison Scollar explained that it is illegal to file false complaints against a parent, but when false complaints are filed, those who filed them see no negative consequences for their actions. Currently, the courts simply accept the filing of false claims as normal course of business. This is something that needs to change to protect parents, their kids, and society as a whole. The normalization of filing false claims is not okay. 

“The next step is to change the court system,” Allison Scollar said. “The system needs to take into account the full impact of abuse by people in authority positions. It may seem like a tall order, but I’m determined to fight for victims of police and systemic brutality, so they can experience some of the closure and healing I have been fortunate enough to experience.”

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